About Us
Matt Giraud
Capri Nashville is a Nashville-based artist management firm dedicated to delivering high profile, elite talent to an audience that will fall in love with their voices.


From a dead end road in a small country town to a big city dive bar or coffee shop and everything in between, the discovery of unique artistic talent is at the heart of our mission at Capri Nashville.


Taking an artist from where they were found to where they want to be is a major part of the process. Evaluating and creating a development plan for success is crucial in that journey.


Paramount to an artist's success, by utilizing cutting-edge marketing, social media, and public relations techniques, Capri Nashville delivers that unique new voice to a diverse population of potential fans and followers.


Directing an artist's new-found success is the final piece of the puzzle. Transitioning to a full-time career and monetizing every potential opportunity through constant innovation allows an artist to finally live their dream.

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